The Council concludes the R2IL programإطلاق-اتحاد-الشباب-العرب-للإبداع-والابتكار-2.pngإطلاق-اتحاد-الشباب-العرب-للإبداع-والابتكار-2.pngإطلاق-اتحاد-الشباب-العرب-للإبداع-والابتكار-2.pngإطلاق-اتحاد-الشباب-العرب-للإبداع-والابتكار-2.pngإطلاق-اتحاد-الشباب-العرب-للإبداع-والابتكار-2.pngThe Council concludes the R2IL program

The Higher Council for Innovation and Excellence, in cooperation with the French ANIMA network, concluded the R2IL training program “From Research to Market”, which targeted technology transfer centers in Palestinian universities.
11 universities participated in this training program, and it aimed to benefit from the outputs of scientific research in universities and to link them with industry and commercialization, and it is the first program in Palestine in this field in an effort to achieve the vision of the Higher Council for Innovation and Excellence in building a sustainable national economy based on knowledge.

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Ammoon Alsheikh