UTPL (Ecuador) is searching for a technical solution to reduce emissions of buses

The Science and Technology Park UTPL (Ecuador) is currently searching for a technical solution to reduce emissions of buses operating in a bus terminal. Carbon emission from fossil fuel combustion, internal combustion engines and particularly diesel engines are the main producers of pollutant emissions in countries like Ecuador and across Latin America, and UTPL want to contribute to reducing emissions with a global impact such as NOx, Sox and particulate dust.
Although electrical vehicles could be the best available technology for a zero emissions mobility, a transition period is needed, especially considering the size of the diesel bus fleet used for public transportation.

What Science and Technology Park UTPL are looking for:

· Short term solutions that can be applied to reduce emissions from diesel engines in buses in the Guayaquil bus terminal.

· Short term solutions based on existing technologies to adapt diesel engines to an eco-friendlier fuel such as biodiesel or natural gas.

· Reduce exhaust emission at least 25%

· Low investing in diesel engines adaptation

· Environmentally friendly or eco-friendlier fuel available in Ecuador

What Science and Technology Park UTPL are not interested in:

· Technologies that require partial or complete engine substitution.

If you have possible solutions to these needs, please let us know by 4th June.

Please contact Alicia Shelley: shelley@iasp.ws
Website: www.iasp.ws

Note: In case of registration or participation:

Please inform Mr. Khaled Qalalwe-The Director General of International Relations Department-The Higher Council for Innovation & Excellence-via Gmail at kqlalweh@gmail.com.