HE President Mahmoud, Abu Mazen, has issued a presidential decree to establish “ the Innovation and Excellence Fund” as a means to support and encourage the young entrepreneurs. The decree assigned the objectives of the fund, all of which revolve around supporting and stimulating, bracing and supporting the innovators in Palestine, besides creating a generation of entrepreneurs, enh... More

The HCIE President Eng. Adnan Samara has signed a cooperation agreement with prof. Ahmad Ebrejen, President of the Turkish Council for Scientific and Technological Researches, Tubitak. The agreement is meant to facilitate the cooperation between the two parties and to enhance the coordination and cooperation between the Palestinian and Turkish universities and the scientific research centers in bo... More

The Palestinian businessmen and entrepreneurs who participated in the 17th Convention for the Arab Businessmen and Investors, that took place in Abu Dhabi, expressed their gratitude and  appreciation for the HCIE and the Palestinian Investment Promotion Agency for giving them the chance to meet up with Arab  and businessmen and investors, and opening the wide gates for them to promote th... More

The Jerusalemite innovator, Jamil Abu Madi, won the golden medal in Istanbul’s International Exhibition for Invention. He was among the top 25 inventors, and the total number of participants was 324. Abu MAdi took the medal as a reward for his the “mobile oven” he invented. His invention is the first of its kind worldwide, and it is mainly a machine that heats the food orders as... More

The Palestinian student, Nour Al-hallaq, won the second stage in Computer Programming Category, which was organized by Izmir University and  Dagnata Institute for Education and Culture for the year 2016. Al-hallaq represented Palestine in the competition, where about 15 countries also have participated. The total number of projects was 39, in the fields of physics, biology, chemistry, engi... More

The HCIE organized and hosted in its office a video confernce assembly between a dozen of Palestinian innovators and representatives of the Palestinian organizations that sponsor and support innovation in the country, and the administration of MIT Competition for entrepreneurship in its Arabic version that took place in Beirut. The purpose of the meeting was to help the Palestinians participant... More

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The HCIE has participated in a workshop in “ attracting the Palestinian Competencies in the Diaspora as a means to Enhance the National Economy”. The workshop was organized by PICTI, and the Palestinian Investment Promotion Agency. And it was sponsored by ANIMA, as part of its MedGeneration Project. Dr. Adnan Joudeh, HCIE Executive Director, and Ms. Lama Qassas, Head of Arab and Intern... More

HCIE has participated in the activities of Global Entreprenerrship Week, which was organized by the Ministry of Labor and Palestine for a New Beginning Organization. And with the partnership of a number of other organizations, among whom was the HCIE and Al-Quds Open University. The event took place from 16/11 and lasted until 11/23. Eng. Adnan Samara, President of the HCIE, gave a speech in th... More

Ramallah- Sharek Youth Forum, represented by its Executive Director, Bader Zama’reh, and its Project Coordinator, Abeer Mansour, visited the HCIE office in order to enhance and strengthen the coordination ties and relations with the HCIE, to achieve the most optimum support for the Palestinian innovators. HCIE President, Eng. Adnan Samara, introduced Zama’reh and his colleague to th... More

Ramallah- the HCIE President, Eng. Adnan Samara, paid a visit to Rawabi city to take a closer look at the neighborhoods and the economic, cultural and public facilities it has. Eng. Samara met up with Mr. Bashar Masri, the Executive Director of  Bayti Real Estate Investment Company. Masri explained to Eng. Samra the stages of construction, what has been achieved, and what are the future pl... More

A Palestinian Women Team Gets the Best Action Plan Certificate for an Entrepreneural Project in the American Program “TechWomen” The Palestinian women team, who participated in “TechWomen” Program, won the best action plan for an entrepreneurship project certificate. TechWomen took place in the San Francisco, it was funded by the U.S. Department of State, and was impleme... More

The HCIE has participated in the preparatory workshop for the UNDP regional convention for public administration in the Arab Countries. The workshop took place in Amman, and it attempted to explore the chances and challenges the public administration faces, besides the impact innovation leaves on it. It was also set to come up with ideas within the framework of enhancing the institutional capabil... More

The Jordanian Civil Service Bureau completed a training course about human resources management. The course took place in Amman, and Ms. Majeda Almasri represented the HCIE in it. Almasri assured that the training course targeted doing a research and training on the optimum employment for the HR any institution has, and how a given institution can improve its efficiency to achieve its objective... More

The HCIE completed the events of the First National Forum for Innovators in Palestine. The FNFI was very successful, the reactions of the participants and the attendees were highly positive, and the event witnessed the presence of many Palestinian businessmen and stakeholders who also attended the exhibition of “Palestinian Innovations”. Add to that that the Palestinian Scientists who... More

The HCIE has organized a training day on capacity building and presentation skills with the partnership of PIPA and the Palestinian Market Development Program. The training targeted young innovators with the innovative projects which are going to participate in the First National Forum for Innovators in Palestine, and are nominated to win investment contracts and sponsorship for their projects to... More

Dr. Karim Tahboub, Head of the Preparatory Committee for FNFI assured that 9 Palestinian scientists living in the USA and other European and Arab Countries and the land of 1948 will participate in the forum. The forum is set to take place next week in Ramallah, and will last for 2 days. These scientist are proud to share their experience with the local academics and students. Dr. Tahboub also ment... More

Many specialists urged today to improve the agricultural academic programs, connect it with the market needs and to direct the student researches towards finding solutions for the problems this sector faces. These were the recommendations the participants in the joint workshop between the HCIE and the MoA came up with. The workshop was under the title of “enhancing the cooperation between th... More