We chose the Jerusalemite inventor Jamil Abu Madi to be our innovator of the month. The HCIE has met up with him and here is his inspiring story; Abu Madi told us enthusiastically about his beginnings, he went back for older years as a child: “When I was a kid I use to ask “what would happen if I tried this?” over and over again! The question would arouse once I look at any ma... More

We, the HCIE, have chosen Eng. Saed Qaraib as the innovator of the month. Qraib owns The Walking Tech startup, and he is currently working on producing what he calls the INSOLITO. We talked thoroughly with Qariab, and here is his story; the story he narrates passionately; I always follow the news of the creative projects, and I consistently keep my eyes on the technological developments here an... More