Your FaFo from Yousef Al-Zatari

Your FaFo from Yousef Al-Zatari

Our innovator of the month at the HCIE is Yousef Alza’tari, who is a Computer Science student at Palestine Polytechnic University. He is now working with a group of his friends on MyFaFo Project, and here you go with its details;

“I like going through the details of things, specially statistics and numbers, to learn new lessons. The idea crossed my mind while I was looking up some statistics on the time that people spend while thinking and looking for the meals they want to have on food ordering sites. I then realized that there is a need for something that makes it easier for them to choose, and saves their time as well. That was not impossible, thanks to modern technology!”

We asked Yousef about how he finds himself related to his project; how it reflects his personality, and to that he replied:  I love everything that has to do with the logical thinking, and that’s the thing about MyFafo, because it functions via a certain algorithm that was set based on the artificial intelligence techniques, to do the hypothesis, prove or refute them, and then take the right decision. The project for me is like a big dream that came true, and I could not simply wait to finish my BA education to do it.


He goes on: “when the idea became clear and ready, I tried to participate in all the nearby event that has to do with the project in Palestine, so I can build and strengthen the ties with the active people in the field. I participated in an event that was organized by Arabreneur, this helped us with networking with our sponsors and supporters; Arabreneur and Palestine Investment Fund. Today, our team has four active and clever members, and we have excellent consultants and monitors, they provide us with all the needed support and assistance to take the right decisions and overcome all the obstacles we face.” He further added: “we feel grateful to them; things would have been harder without their wise thoughts.”

MyFaFo analyzes the user’s data the moment they sign up via social media, it reaches their personal information to know the smallest details regarding the food they like, and it does so depending on a complex algorithm.


Yousef believes that life here is not paved by butterflies and smoothie atmosphere; he said: life is not rosy in Palestine; it’s a fact that we always have to carefully recognize. We have to be the change we want to see in the world, no matter how small our steps might be, we have to start, and we have to start changing ourselves from within, correctly and once and for all.”

Yousef is ambitious to turn his project into an international technological company, the headquarter of which would be then Palestine for sure. As for now, the team has MVP service, and it is in the process of marketing, and they are targeting each small city to move on.