Yasmin.. Fadwa Dwib

Yasmin.. Fadwa Dwib

Our entrepreneur for October at the HCIE is Adv. Fadwa Thweib, who briefed us about her project “The Electronic Advocate, Yasmin”. Here is here story;

“The idea first came to catch up with the developments in the advocacy world and the legal services in the world, especially when bearing in mind all the rapid changes in the communication tools. So the goal was to establish an electronic system that provides legal services for 24\7. I achieved that with the help of my collogues in Bait Al-Maqdis for Advocacy and Studies, we launched and tested the service in 2013.”

Fadwa went on saying: “ the project reflects my Jerusalemite Palestinian Identity, it goes on well with my keen desire of contributing to developing the legal services that may benefit and add a lot to different Palestinian companies and businesswomen/me, and fulfill all that they need, like legal support or consultancy services. This is so we take the lead in taking Palestine to this world, where it can compete with similar initiatives in the region and worldwide.”

When we asked Fadwa about the sponsors’ reactions toward their project she proudly said: “ Yasmin was honored to be incubated by PICTI – The Palestine Information and Communications Technology Incubator- this helped me in the process of communicating and networking with different specialized public and private sectors. In addition to that, PICTI provided us with all the needed technical and professional support, and they also provided us with the design and safe electronic services for our website.

And after the establishment of the HCIE, they chose us to participate in and attend the First National Forum for Innovators in Palestine, where we were honored by a presidential medal given from the Palestinian President, Mr. Mahmoud Abbas.” She added: “ it is also important to note that Palestinian Bar Association provided us with the first professional and technical aid. We feel very grateful and appreciative to everyone who supported, and is supporting us.”

And about challenging the challenges she commented: “we can say and agree that working in Palestine is not an easy task, especially in the field of electronic services, add to that its full of surprises, ups and downs, and of course, challenges. With patience, hardworking and hope, the impossible can be the opposite, and the challenges can turn into spot lights in our road to entrepreneurship and innovation.”

Fadwa concluded that: “ my family is my very first key to success, they surround me with hope, faith and support to go on with achieving my dreams. Add to that the positive atmosphere and support I received from the different Palestinian organizations. All of that adds up to providing an innovative environment.” She addressed the young entrepreneurs by saying: “don’t lose your faith whatever it takes, I advise all who is going to put their first steps in this big world of entrepreneurship not to lose their hopes and faith in their ideas, to hold tie to their ideas no matter if anyone described them by being insane or unrealistic. It just takes time and their ideas would be something tangible, every hard worker will be paid off.”