Eng. Marwan AbdelHamid

Eng. Marwan AbdelHamid
President of World Federation of Engineering Organization

Eng. Marwan ABDELHAMID is the current President of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) since September 2013. He is a graduate Civil Engineer from the University of Belgrade, and General Secretary of the General Union of Palestinian Engineers (GUPE) in Palestine. He has been devoted to the WFEO for over 36 years as a member of the Executive Council as well as Vice President, and has been awarded three times for outstanding services to the WFEO.

He served as President of the Federation of Arab Engineers from 1987 to 1989, and was involved in several Committees and task forces also as chairman of Standing Committee for the Promotion and Creation of Engineering Institutions in Developing Countries within WFEO.

He has held many positions such as, Director of Department in the National Company in Algeria, Advisor to the Algerian Minister of Housing, Member of the Council of Arab Ministers representing Palestine, Permanent representative of Palestine in the United Nations Organization for Human Settlements, Technical Advisor to late President Arafat, Deputy Minister of Housing in the Palestinian Authority, Ambassador of Palestine to Greece, Technical Advisor to President Abbas, and President of Palestine Mortgage & Housing Corporation and Consultant in Housing Policy and Strategy.

He is as a multicultural citizen, fluent in English, French, Serbian and Arabic, and his deep interest and passion for Sciences and Engineering has influenced his two children respectively serving as Dr Urologist and Architect.