Eng. Aref Husseini

Eng. Aref Husseini
Founder and Chairman of AlNayzak for Scientific Innovation

Eng. Aref Husseini is an electronics engineer, physicist and novelist , worked in many industrial and Educational fields as developer and researcher during the last 12 years.
Eng. Huseini has founded Al-Nayzak organization for scientific innovation www.alnayzak.org in Palestine in 2003 by his initiative, he has built a successful organization that is recognized by the NGO community in Palestine and has entered into partnerships to serve over 50,000 children and youth. Ultimately, Alnayzak education programs will contribute to economic growth in Palestine through building new industry and investment opportunity.

Al-Nayzak sponsors a scientific incubation program for young male and female inventors who possess an original idea, and pairs them with experts in their field to scale up their project into a prototype that can be patented for mass production. The Al-Nayzak centers based in East Jerusalem, Nablus, Ramallah, Hebron and Gaza to serve Palestinian youth throughout the territories. In 2013 Alnayzak succeeded to open the first Science & Technology museum in Palestine “ The Science House” in the old city of Birzeit.

In 2008 he has been chosen by Synrgous foundation in the United states as one of 22 Arab social innovators, in 2010 he registered his third patent for a marketable use product.
In 2011 he was elected as IEEE Palestine Subsection vice chairman.
In parallel with his scientific talent Aref has novels authoring talent, in April 2012 he succeeded to publish his first Novel “Kafer Sabt” (in English – Saturday infidel “ through the famous publishing house in the Arab world Dar Al-Shorok in April 2012. The Novel will be translated to English and other forging languages soon.